Just like the Edinburgh Fringe brings informal events and initiatives parallel to the Edinburgh International Festival, the Europe Future Fringe, which you will recall was launched together with our member New Europeans in the late autumn 2019, seeks to harness the imagination and expertise of citizens for the democratic renewal of Europe. As Roger Casale, Secretary General of New Europeans, says, it “can help make the Future of Europe Conference a success”.

We are so excited to see that VoxEurope, on the International Day of Democracy, 15 September 2020, and one day before Ursula von der Leyen’s State of the Union address, published this Op-Ed, which covers a wide ranging of topics which are so important to ensuring that we continue fighting for Europe that leaves no one behind, which is inclusive and equal, and socially just.

With quotes from Maria Karra from the Emfasis Foundation and Paul Reddish from Volunteering Matters, our Greek and UK members, respectively, as well as our very own Laura Bell and Piotr Sadowski, the article argues that citizens and civil society are well-placed to point to the key challenges that need attention, and generate the policy ideas, the energy, and the consensus that will be needed to meet them. French and Italian versions are also available.