Volunteering is vitally important to providing a sense of belonging to one’s community. It is a practical way to showcase resilience by including everyone in helping themselves and others to overcome problems whether they are, for example, economic, social, humanitarian or environmental. Volunteers are working across divisions and between cultures showcasing in practical ways the respect for others that builds more tolerant societies. Organizations that involve volunteers also need to be committed to the value of inclusion, showcasing tolerance and embracing diversity in their involvement of volunteers.

As part of IAVE’s Global Forum Series, our Secretary General, Piotr Sadowski, is going to moderate a workshop addressing the above topics, on Wednesday 23 Septmber 2020 at 9:00 EST (14:00 CET). The key presenter is going to be Chris Millora (Phillipiness), Doctoral Researcher, UNESCO Chair in Adult Literacy & Learning for Social Transformation at University of East Anglia. We will also have contributions from two further fantastic panellists, Dr Sabrina Clark (USA), Director, Voluntary Service U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, and Mujtaba Arshia (Afghanistan), Founder of the Afghanistan Volunteering National Organization.

The first two workshops in the series attracted nearly 300 particpants from close to 70 different countries, each, so we are expecting another excellent turnout for this third event! For more details and to register, visit the IAVE Global Forum Series website.