Ten years after the European Year of Volunteering in 2011, the Centre for European Volunteers’ (CEV) member organisations and others are celebrating volunteering and focussing on the immediate needs of the volunteering system as part of a new campaign EYVPlus10.

Building on the legacy of #EYV2011 which was crowned by the release of the Policy Agenda for Volunteering in Europe (PAVE), #EYVPlus10, will focus on setting the foundation for building a blueprint for European volunteering 2030. It will build on PAVE and the Step up a Gear document. 

CEV has launched a new blog and ‘Let’s Talk Volunteering’ podcast series and you can read and hear the first episodes here. 

Gabriella Civico, Director of CEV, said: What we want to bring to policy makers is the vision that volunteers are not just a source of people-power for essential and meaningful tasks in society, but they play an important role in social cohesion, interpersonal relationships and paving the way to making European values a reality.”

The call for European Volunteering Capital 2023 is now open and is happening in Berlin. Follow the link to find out more.