Here’s an update from our member New Europeans on projects they’re continuing this Spring.

European Health Union

On 9 May 2020 to mark the 70th anniversary of the Schuman Declaration, New Europeans launched an appeal for an ‘International Conference on the Lessons Learned after Coronavirus’, with the aim of paving the way to a European Health Union. That appeal and others were heard and Commissioner Stella Kyriakides has announced the creation of a European Health Union. We now need to see what this means in practice.

New Europeans has continued to campaign for the citizens and civil society to have a strong role in the creation of a European Health Union, as well as for transformative change in the way in which healthcare is organised, delivered and accessed in Europe.

We argue that this will require changes in education and citizenship rights, as well as with cross border measures and in the economy. Citizens must be at the heart of the discussion about how these changes can take shape. To find out more, please write to:

Read our call to action: A European Health Union must be a union of the citizens


Solidarity with Belarus

We’ve been working since the summer with activists in Belarus and in the Belarus diaspora and with their European and international networks to help keep the human rights violations of the democratic majority of Belarus at the centre of international attention. We awarded our New European of the Year Award to the Women of Belarus which runs monthly online conferences on human rights in Belarus. On 7 February, we helped promote the Day of Solidarity with Belarus.  To find out more, write to:

Read our call to action here: Belarus needs stronger support from Europe and the USA if democracy is to prevail

Europe Future Fringe

New Europeans in partnership with Volonteurope and European Future Forum (EFF) has launched Europe Future Fringe. The idea is for #EuropeFutureFringe to spark a conversation about the future of Europe, to energize the debate about what happens next. Too often the discussion about Europe is located in formal institutional settings, out of reach of the citizens. We want #EuropeFutureFringe to open up the debate about Europe in all the spaces in between.

At the beginning of February we held the third event in our Reflections on the Future of Europe series, with an international panel of experts on issues to do with European citizenship, identity and democracy at which Dr Ruvi Ziegler discussed the question: “Who decides my right to vote?”

Find out more about #EuropeFutureFringe events and activities here: EuropeFutureFringe



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Follow out next event on 26 Feb – World NGO Day: Quo Vadis Europe? The role of civil society in Poland, Belarus and Ukraine


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