Wake Up! run by our German member Gemeinsam leben und lernen in Europa uses workshops, training and activities to inspire young people to become change makers for a better Europe.

The aim is to empower young people to promote democratic values, solidarity and inclusion across Europe in a very practical way. Many young people who take part end up volunteering and become active citizens in their local community by setting up their own initiatives or projects.

Many then go on to become peer trainers and mentors reaching even more young people to engage them in community work, volunteering or social/political activities.

Divided into four main topics; Active, Democratic, European and Informed Citizenship there are different workshops and activities for each topic and each put the opinions and voice of young people at its heart.

Wake Up! is about ensuring young people are heard, taken seriously and that their views should have an impact and help shape Europe. Young people should be able to influence not just on a larger scale but also locally, helping shape their environment and communities.

Here are a coupe of videos made by young people, the first is about Alice’s experience on the Erasmus+ and Wake Up! project, the second is young people askingWhat has the EU ever done for us?’

Gemeinsam leben und lernen in Europa usually publishes one podcast per month  (in German only) regarding different topics like Sexism, Politics, racism etc.

They are also active at a local level and during the pandemic have moved events online. For the activity Café´-Deutsch they now use a new platform wonder.me where they create “online tables” for the people who want to learn or improve their German by having native speakers around the table but online. You can find out more via their Facebook account.