As soon as school or university is over, many young people are faced with a major challenge: they have to choose “the” right one from an almost infinite number of options. What is actually a huge opportunity can quickly become a burden, an “agony of choice”, indeed.

The volunteers of the youth organization “Gemeinsam aktiv,” which is part of the association “Gemeinsam leben und lernen in Europa (GLL)” want to help in this critical phase: “We want to show young people that it is not a disgrace to change a path once you have taken it,” emphasizes Andreas Schrank, who heads “Gemeinsam aktiv” together with Sabrina Kanski. The project “Take Heart! Create Your Own Story of Your Life”, a campaign on various social networks is designed to give young people space to address the issues that move them. The central message of the European Solidarity Project is as follows: Life’s paths are not always straightforward: this is what personalities are supposed to express who have tried out a lot and despite this – or precisely because of this – have finally found “their” path. “We want to support young people in discovering their strengths and encourage them to take a chance,” says Sabrina Kanski.

“Take heart” is a project by volunteers for volunteers: it takes a lot of commitment to research and prepare relevant information on career and life orientation and implement a successful social media campaign about it. “There are no limits to imagination and creativity,” emphasize Sabrina Kanski and Andreas Schrank. They look forward to launching the campaign in the first half of 2022. Currently, the volunteers are busy setting up the campaign, inviting exciting guest speakers and developing novel formats to convey the project’s message. If you are interested in keeping up with the progress of their campaign, keep an eye on the Instagram account @gemeinsam.aktiv.