With the backdrop of the Porto Social Forum which took place on 27 May 2023, where the European Pillar of Social Rights was once again put high on the agenda of European political, social partner and civil society leaders, and with the several crucial elections taking place across Europe, it is timely to take stock of where we are with protecting and advancing socio-economic rights of all people of Europe.

Europe’s economic prosperity goes hand-in-hand with its strong social dimension, and we must give greater visibility to social rights and reinforce the assessment of social standards, and upward social convergence, as part of a sustainable socio-economic governance. As it was said in Porto, the principles of the European Pillar of Social Rights must be fully implemented.

Join us on Tuesday 20 June 2023, 14:30-17:00, in person at Mundo-Madou (Artemisia Room) or online, to discuss how civil society is at the forefront of protecting and advancing socio-economic rights in Europe, and how we work together with social and institutional partners to ensure that the future of the EU is its people and that the European social model prevails.

During the event we will also present the Social Rights Tracker and other civil society platforms to monitor socio-economic rights in Europe. Institutional contributors will also discuss response mechanisms and legal provisions such as the Council of Europe’s Charter of Social Rights.

We will also hear about successful European projects which advance socio-economic rights in Europe, including YES Forum’s BRIDGE Project, which will highlight research and recommendations for improving intergenerational knowledge transfer in organisations.

Last but not least, we will reflect on whether access to socio-economic rights is a “pipedream”, or a reality for all, focusing on European as well as national and regional challenges, issues such as access to social housing, rights of people with disabilities, as well as debate the importance of cooperation between the EU and the Council of Europe.


14:30 Welcome

  • Piotr Sadowski, Secretary General, Volonteurope

14:35 Socio-economic priorities after the Porto Social Forum: delivering the principles of the European Pillar of Social Rights

  • Laura de Bonfils, Secretary General, Social Platform

14:45 From principles to monitoring socio-economic rights in Europe – civil society actions and institutional response mechanisms

  • Anna Rurka, Chair of the ‘Action for Social Rights’ Committee, CoE INGO Conference
  • Anna Diaz, Social Rights Tracker Intern & Master’s Candidate, University of Strasbourg
  • Giada Negri, Research & Advocacy Coordinator, European Civic Forum
  • Amaya Ubeda, Secretary, Governmental Committee on European Social Charter, CoE

15:35 A BRIDGE for dialogue: research and recommendations for improving intergenerational knowledge transfer in organisations

  • Annett Wiedermann, Director, YES Forum
  • Olatz Alonso Guevara, Communications Officer YES Forum

16:05 Access to socio-economic rights in Europe – a reality for all?

  • Ramón Roca Mérida, Director General Modernisation & Digital Administration, Balearic Government
  • Catherine Naughton, Director, European Disability Forum (TBC)
  • Brikena Xhomaqi, Director, Lifelong Learning Platform (TBC)
  • Simona Ogenovska, Research and Monitoring Advisor, European Centre for Not-for-Profit Law

16:50 Final remarks

  • Oonagh Aitken, President, Volonteurope