Volonteurope Public Conference: Building More Resilience and Stewardship Through Social Action and Citizenship

Volunteering and social action exemplify active citizenship, especially during tough times such as COVID-19, conflicts, earthquakes, and environmental disasters. Volunteers and NGOs step in to provide vital support where it’s needed most.

Now, with climate change looming, the call for action is clear. We are talking about transitioning to eco-friendly economies that ensure fairness for all and no one is left behind.

This is where we all play a role. NGOs and individuals like us understand the importance of fostering strong communities while preserving our planet.

Join us in Warsaw or online on the 5th of December to explore how collectively we can foster resilience and nurture our planet. At the heart of our discussion will be our EU-funded projects, FLOW (Future Lives with Oceans and Water) and #GreenerFuture. We are set to host two panels: “Volunteering in times of crisis” and “Navigating the Green and Blue Transition: A Just and Sustainable Future”.

For those able to attend in person, we start with lunch at 13:30 and the conference proper begins at 14:30 and finishes at 17:30. Those attending in person are then invited to a networking reception at the venue.

For those wishing to attend online, we will share a link to connect with us at 14:30 and we encourage full participation until 17:30.

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