Volonteurope’s FLOW (Future Lives with Oceans and Water) project, funded through the Horizon Programme is proceeding as planned! We have recently kicked off a series of seven European foresight workshops, each one of them taking place in a different water macro region of Europe. The first event took place in Ibiza, 16-17 November 2023, bringing together over 20 young people from across the Mediterranean countries to appreciate the past, discuss local and national contexts, understand the presence and imagine the future, when it comes to water stewardship in Europe and beyond.

One of the youth participants, Alicia Herrero Rodríguez, authored her reflections of the experience:

“🌊 Reflecting on an enlightening experience at the FLOW Horizon EU workshop in Ibiza, delving into the pivotal realm of water sustainability! 🌍 Sun-soaked moments and a firsthand look at Ibiza’s pristine water quality made the event truly memorable. I would like to express my gratitude to Volonteurope for their efforts and the work put into organising this exceptional experience.

☀️ Beyond the breathtaking views, it is crucial to grasp the significance of youth engagement in steering us toward a better future. Water’s role in policy-making discussions cannot be overstated, especially concerning the European Commission’s policies regarding hydrogen. As hydrogen is a fundamental component of water, policy decisions related to hydrogen should inherently consider water, the essence of life itself.

💧 Let’s underscore that the values and knowledge surrounding water should commence within every home. Every drop holds significance, and collectively, we have the power to initiate a ripple effect for a more sustainable and water-conscious world. It is imperative that we advocate for a holistic approach to policies, recognizing that we, as humans, are an integral part of nature. We must never forget these foundational principles in our pursuit of sustainability. 💙 FlowHorizonEU WaterSustainability YouthEngagement PolicyMaking IbizaWorkshop 🌊”

Stay tuned for an update on our second FLOW Horizon Workshop taking place in Warsaw 4-5 December 2023, with five further youth-centred events taking place in the first half of 2024! Calls for participants for the 2024 workshops will be going out soon.