Constantin Dedu

Constantin Dedu

Volonteurope Board Member

Constantin Dedu is the Leader of Initiatives and Projects for Youth at Imago Mundi Association, a youth organisation based in Arges County, Romania.

Constantin has completed internships and taken part in training courses and seminars on volunteering in Romania and abroad. He has also coordinated international youth camps in France and youth projects in Romania. He lived in Athens for a year, working as Grundtvig Assistant at the Hellenic Culture Centre Ifigenia Georgiadou and teaching adult learners. While in Greece, Constantin took on an active role in the local Romanian community, volunteering with the Hellenic-Romanian cultural organisation Balkania Contemporania.

Constantin is currently involved in youth work and teaching in Romania, and has been working as an Erasmus+ trainer for the Romanian National Agency since July 2014.

He is passionate about travelling and meeting new people. He is also interested in promoting volunteering for people of all ages as a pathway to building strong, inclusive communities.

Constantin has Masters degrees in European History and Educational Management. He is also a qualified History teacher.

For more from Costantin, visit his personal website.