[:en]An Alianza volunteer We are very happy to share with Volonteurope, the success of HOME, a new solidarity initiative from Alianza por la Solidaridad (ApS). We executed this project between 15 and 16 September, with an important theatre centre in Madrid, through performances in Español, to give voice to the tragedies experienced by Syrian women refugees. 


Authors, actors and actresses, dramatists, writers, all very well-known artists in the Spanish arts scene, agreed to gather together in order to open this autumn theatre programme in Madrid. Opening with a special performance dedicated to the refugee crisis in which more than 10 million refugees have fled from Syria to neighbouring countries, such as Jordan; the programme also sought to highlight the context of the increasingly restrictive and anti-refugee policies of countries in the ‘Global North’.


Through 16 different stories created, directed and performed by all these famous professionals, the audiences for the two sessions had the opportunity to listen and feel the testimonies and contributions of brave women refugees. These women told us about their experiences of facing the consequences of armed conflict and forced displacement, which is an issue both within and outside the borders of their country.  Furthermore, women and girls comprise the majority of refugees from Syria, and a significant number of these refugee women and girls having experienced Gender based Violence.


22,120 euros was raised through the theatre artists’ generous volunteering initiative. This money will be dedicated to funding the maintenance of two centres in Mafeq and Irbid (Jordania) run by Alianza por la Solidaridad and AWO, a feminist Arab organisation.


These two centres support 70% of Syrian women refugees that have experienced gender based violence. This exposure to gender based violence is due to having spent prolonged amounts of time in situations of conflict and displacement through the war and results of forced migration. In the centres these refugee women they will have access to psychosocial therapy, legal support and education. Their children will be provided with activities, and there will be mobility services to reach those women that cannot attend the centres.


Thanks to these kinds of solidarity activities, we want to let Syrian women refugees know that they ARE NOT ALONE. 


By Juana Bengoa, Alianza por la Solidaridad and Volonteurope board member[:]