Although there are more than 2.3 million non-British EU citizens living, studying and working in the UK, very little accurate demographic information exists about this important segment of the population.

Not only are misconceptions about European migrants widespread, they are also difficult to challenge. With mainstream media and public discourse dominated by a narrative which sees migrants as placing too great a burden on public services and contributing to the break down of social cohesion, it is often hard to separate fact from fiction.

Volonteurope members CSV and New Europeans are teaming up to deliver Community Voices, a European Commission funded initiative that seeks to explore the impact of European migrants on communities across the UK, and to promote dialogue between community actors and EU migrants.

Community Voices comprises a programme of six seminars in six local communities designed to examine the impact of European migrants on local services and develop a report on that impact, offering a space for discussion between community actors and EU migrants in the process.

 The seminars will take place in:

  • Edinburgh (3 February 2015)
  • Lincoln (17 February 2015)
  • Belfast (31 March 2015)
  • Birmingham (21 April 2015)
  • Cardiff (19 May 2015)      REGISTER NOW
  • London (9 June 2015)

The seminars will combine contributions from a panel of experts with roundtable discussions.

The findings from each seminar will be collected in a report to be published in June.

The events in Edinburgh and Lincoln were delivered in the context of our ongoing Active Communities for Europe (A.C.E.) project, funded by the Europe for Citizens Programme, which is a transnational initiative aimed at promoting the concepts of EU Citizenship.