Organisations from Greece, Slovakia and the UK join forces as part of an Erasmus+ programme

The programme brought together young volunteers and young people to explore issues such as homelessness and street based issues as part of the European End Homelessness Campaign. See previous articles about this campaign here.


The first stage of the programme took place in North Tyneside, in the UK, followed by events in Athens, Greece. During the conventions, participants took part in creative workshops, cultural trips and visits as well as had an opportunity to learn about each other’s countries and the issues affecting young people.


During 17-24 March 2018 the third and last part of the programme was completed in Bratislava and below you can find some thoughts of the young participants of Emfasis Foundation.


“Connection is one of the words that describes this trip to Slovakia.  A unique experience, different people united by their common goals and new places that if they are connected you will learn the importance of interaction and connection”.


“My participation in the Summit was an eye-opening experience that helped me realie that, despite our nations’ cultural differences, what unites us is much more powerful than what divides us. That no matter how bad things may turn out, one can always – under the right guidance – find the courage to turn her/his life around, regain control of it and chase her/his dreams”.


“What does not kill you, makes you stronger”.


“Great experiences come through great people.  During this summit great people found each other and accomplished great things”.

By Katerina Markoula, Emfasis Foundation