Our Erasmus+ Streetwork Youth Summit is just about to take place in Athens, Greece. More than 30 young men and women will arrive from the UK and Slovakia, joining the Greek delegation of Emfasis on a seven day journey; exploring local culture, youth interests, pertinent social issues, exchanging views and knowledge on multi-faceted topics, all under the umbrella of Emfasis’ streetwork values and methodology.


During the week, they will visit archaeological sites, immerse themselves within the local population, explore the best hidden gems of Athens, and get to interact with many different people in group workshops, team building exercises and other activities.


These are some of the young volunteers of Emfasis who are part of the coordination team. They finished the first stage of the summit in Newcastle, and here’s what they had to say about it:


Deppy: Volunteer

“Getting to know the culture and the society of a country is a challenge in itself. The success of this mission, was the linking of travel with volunteering. We acted as a team, with common goals, coming from three different countries, realising that the social issues are common amongst us. The desire for change is also shared between us.

All the young members of the summit offered their personal experiences, their enthusiasm and their creativity and turned this trip into a truly unique experience. What a treat to be together and get to know each other so well and appreciate each other’s differences, celebrating volunteering. I can’t wait to see them all coming to Athens in a few days and start the second stage of our summit.”

Deppy, Streetwork volunteer
Clio, Streetwork Volunteer

Clio: Volunteer

“A turmoil of thoughts! I am certain though that they will be transformed into memories made of steel. And this is because I was offered the chance to see through the eyes of people whose lives have not spared them from suffering. They prove to us day by day that there is nothing that we are not capable of. They taught us that it is never too late to stop sinking in mediocrity, either through their voices or through their powerful silence. I am going back in the knowledge that nothing is fully within our “authority” besides our thoughts. I leave knowing that sheer determination does miracles. See you in Athens on November 4!”

Maria Karra, Emfasis Foundation founding member