Emfasis Foundation spearheaded an impact journey for volunteers from the U.S. to journey to Greece’s Malakasa Refugee Camp, on 15 June 2017. About 680 people live (Sunni, Shiite Muslims and others) at the one and a half year old camp. The feeling encompassing the camp is difficult to describe as the refugees are all in a state of limbo. Refugees remain in the camp as they wait for approval to make it to their final destinations. Each day volunteers from all corners of the world dedicate their blood, sweat and tears to provide for the refugees’ most basic needs. More specifically, the 34 experienced members of the group constructed a whole new warehouse/shop concept. We are feeling proud, humbled and grateful for the work of our impact group of #wejourney #ellisonwear in partnership with Emfasis’ volunteers on being of service to those in suffering.


Katerina Markoula, Emfasis Foundation