Emfasis Foundation – Five years on the streets

Emfasis Foundation is a local non-profit organisation founded in order to address the immediate needs of people who were severely affected by the financial and humanitarian crisis in Greece. This year Emfasis Foundation is celebrating five years of being by their side. During these 5 years, Emfasis Foundation has become well known to those who are living below the poverty line, to the homeless, to migrants, and those who need psychological support in the Greek capital.

Black and white image of two Emfasis Foundation volunteers with their backs to the camera, in a street in Athens

As it is receiving no governmental or public funding, Emfasis relies entirely on private and individual funding and, of course, the priceless contribution of its force of dedicated volunteers. During the last five years Emfasis has developed a network of professional and experienced volunteers along with those who simply wanted to make a difference in order to assist all socially excluded groups. Emfasis has proudly completed 133,956 hours of presence in the streets and neighbourhoods of Athens and its surrounding areas, providing a human touch, building bridges of communication with the socially excluded and “forgotten” in isolation. Furthermore, in the last five years Emfasis has accomplished fourteen relief programmes and campaigns, which have a positive impact on vulnerable groups, has responded to 3,072 people’s direct human needs and has employed twenty five young social scientists who offer significant help to implement its mission.


Emfasis’s work is focused on social street work, social services close to the field and special relief projects. Its only wish is to see all vulnerable members of the society standing on their feet and being able to take the necessary steps to improve their current life conditions, caring for themselves and for their loved ones if needed.

Emfasis Foundation has been committed to human dignity for five years – We don’t pass by, we support!


Dione Tegou

Emfasis Foundation