During last month’s conference, we, as Emfasis Foundation, had the opportunity to talk about the goals and everyday challenges that we face as streetworkers, working with homeless people in Greece. We also talked in depth about the rights of the homeless in Greece.  Every participant learnt that, we, as streetworkers have to negotiate many boundaries which we cannot overcome easily, often due to ineffectual and incorrect policies that the Greek state sets. Also, we presented the ways Emfasis Foundation works, our principles and our methods.


It was truly overwhelming to see all of those who chose to be present in our workshop to showcase such interest in our work. They filled the workshop with an energy that we will never forget and we felt it deep into our souls. Besides our role as facilitators, we had the awesome opportunity to learn about the situation of homelessness, in the U.K, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Ukraine and Estonia. The group proved to be so interactive and passionate!  Each one of us left the room with so much more knowledge and understanding about the context of homelessness in other societies.



By Maria Chatzipetrou and Efraimia Michou, Emfasis Foundation, Greece

Emfasis Foundation's workshop on housing and homelessness
Taking part in the Volonteurope conference