As is well-known the summer was full of challenges for our fellow citizens affected by the wildfires. Our GlobalGiving project, “Empower residents affected by the fires in Greece”, is already running and supporting residents to handle their individual situations. We have already welcomed a member of the affected area in our team and together we are planning our further actions for the best interest of the local community.

In the meantime, we are in constant communication with our partners in order to coordinate our shared actions. Always including community feedback, we evaluate our programmes to make sure that they have a direct positive impact on human needs. As the number of homeless, refugees and families who deal with basic survival challenges in the center of Athens has increased sharply, their care is one our most significant priorities.

Focused on social street work, our most powerful tool, we are extending our programmes helping people in need through social mapping and organizing our shifts with our Mobile Support Units to approach vulnerable fellow citizens in further areas. All the while we are making all the necessary preparations for our annual campaigns in order to support our beneficiaries directly and efficiently.

Emfasis Foundation while promoting its mission and work, is also expanding the value of volunteering. The core of Emfasis Foundation relies on its volunteers who share their time and abilities in order to address homelessness and street based issues. These people help Emfasis with their everyday efforts to fulfill its purpose.

Accordingly, we are happy to be in the process of recruiting new members to our network of volunteers who want to give a hopeful presence through volunteerism, offer aid and solidarity in any available way and to assist all socially excluded groups.