[:en]After two years of learning from one another, our Erasmus+ project INCREASE is coming to a close and we look forward to sharing its results with you.

During a final conference in Graz, on September 27 and 28, the INCREASE consortium will be presenting the training curriculum it has developed and their policy recommendations.

Work on this project started over the summer of 2015, with the goal of assisting residential youth care workers to handle crisis situations better while caring for young people with complex needs.

In collaboration with Jugend am Werk Steiermark GmbH (Austria), FormAzione Co&So Network (Italy), the Universitätsklinik Ulm (Germany), DGASPC Harghita (Romania) and E.N.T.E.R. GmbH (Austria), we assessed the needs of residential youth care workers. Based on their input and additional desk research a transnational training course was developed. In this course, the need for clear communication within the youth care setting and with external partners, the proper use of procedures to assess the needs of young people in care, the impact of a trauma and the involvement of parents was emphasised.

Based on the lessons learned during this project, the partners have raised suggestions for improvement on the training of the staff, methods of interdisciplinary cooperation and enhancements to the sector’s legislative framework.

Alongside the consortium, several experts in the field of pedagogy, psychology and trauma related care of the University Of Graz will be providing their input on the state and status of residential youth care in Austria and the European Union.

Conference Participation Fee
Participation to the first day of the conference is free. A €90 participation fee will be charged to participate in some of the workshops on September 28.

More information on the conference can be found here.
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If you have any questions regarding this conference, please contact Anneliese Pirs via her email address: anneliese.pirs@uni-graz.at[:]