European Solidarity Corps – Volonteurope position

On 10 October 2017, our Secretary General Piotr Sadowski attended the CULT committee joint public hearing with the EMPL Committee on the “European Solidarity Corps” (ESC). The purpose of the hearing was to debate the objective and effectiveness of the European Solidarity Corps. A number of important questions were debated regarding the ESC format and form, objectives and implementation, as well as its reliance on existing EU programmes and funds. The hearing featured presentations from a number of European Civil Society leaders, including Manfred von Hebel, JUGEND für Europa – German National Agency for the EU-programme; Gabriella Civico, Director of CEV and Konstantinos Moschochoritis, Secretary General of INTERSOS, who summarised the opinions of their members regarding the proposed programme.

Volonteurope position on the European Solidarity Corps

After a consultation with our own members, Piotr Sadowski outlined Volonteurope’s response and position on the European Solidarity Corps, which you can find by clicking on the image.