[:en]profilpass houseLast month my work for the EuroVIP project took Joe Flack, Employee Volunteering Manager for Volunteering Matters, and myself to the historic city of Leipzig in Germany, where our partner, Wisamar hosted us for  two days’ induction in the use of the ProfilPASS. Currently, we are working to adapt this document into the “Portfolio for Volunteering experiences – Based on the ProfilPASS,” which we expect to introduce in the first months of the New Year.


We had the opportunity to get familiar with the different chapters and tools of the ProfilPASS you can use to identify and to assess your skills and competencies.  Our training started with an overview of the reasoning behind the ProfilPASS, which is a tool developed for assessing skills gained whilst undertaking informal and non-formal activities. In Germany, it has been used in a wide variety of settings for a diverse public including prisons, companies, schools, or for vocational orientation. Recently it has also been used to help the integration of refugees in the labour market.

The tool is remarkably flexible, and thus , rather than using it once it serves more as an archive of skills gathered throughout its lifetime, where important experiences can be stored for later consultation. Over the course of the training session we learned how to identify and describe our experiences and to assess the competences we gained during them. As a final exercise the facilitator challenged us to think of ways in which to improve on these skills.


Upon completion of our training we reflected and shared our ideas how the “Portfolio for Volunteering experiences – Based on the ProfilPASS” could be best used in the UK, and the other participating countries, for the benefits of youngsters and employers in tackling youth unemployment. During the discussion Joe Flack shared with the consortium his ideas on how this tool could best be used to sensitise private business on the benefits of volunteering. Based on his feedback we will be working to develop a tailored Employee Volunteering scheme using the “Portfolio for Volunteering experiences – Based on the ProfilPASS” in the course of 2017.


We expect to be hosting training sessions in the use of the “Portfolio for Volunteering experiences – Based on the ProfilPASS” during the first half of next year.


Pieter Baeten, European Projects Coordinator, Volonteurope[:]