[:en]Have you ever received a rejection for a job application for lack of experience? Why not gain that missing experience through volunteering? Volunteering not only provides a platform for helping others and contributing to the common good, it also supports you to develop useful skills to build your CV contributing to the path to stable employment.


Within the European Volunteer Inclusion Project (EuroVIP) founded within the Erasmus plus funding stream, Volunteering Matters published the guide “Volunteering Experience as a step towards Employment. A practical guide for recruiters”, a new tool that will help recruiters value skills and competences developed while volunteering. This guide will contribute to supporting the access to stable, quality employment for young people. Moreover, to create awareness on the value of volunteering in the next months Volunteering Matters will organise an event putting volunteers and recruiters in contact.


The new guide to support recruiters follows the first step of the project that developed the “Portfolio for Volunteering experiences – Based on the ProfilPASS“. This guide helped volunteers identify the competences they developed while volunteering, and supported them in translating them into tangible skills to be recorded in their CV. The publication of the first guide was followed by the training of around 180 volunteers in the UK, France and Romania.
Reflecting the trans-European consortium behind the EUROVIP project, both the guides have been adapted and translated into the languages of the participating countries to allow the widest dissemination of the work.


Soon we will publish information about the event bringing together recruiters and volunteers so watch this space!


For more info check the project website http://www.eurovip-erasmusplus.eu/[:]