ICYE-Colombia are happy to announce that they have embarked upon three new projects, funded by ERASMUS+ from the European Commission, linking with partners from all over the world. The projects are as follows:


  1. Skills & Competences in a Global World:

Partners from: Austria, Honduras, India, Brazil, Germany, Finland, Kenya, Slovakia, Poland and ICYE-Colombia.

This projects works to develop the competencies of young people through intercultural learning, with the aim of helping arm young people with the tools to better contribute to their societies.


  1. Enter Digital ERA

Partners from: Italy, France, Argentina, Poland, Uruguay and ICYE-Colombia.This projects empowers participation of local communities, develops the use of social media and digital instruments in societies and will develop creative and attractive ways to improve the use of social media.


  1. Digital CommanDEOR

Partners from: Belgium, Denmark, Portugal, Italy, Perú, Vietnam, Nepal and ICYE-Colombia.


This project aims to develop digital tools with and for young people, to help improve their competencies and achieve their potential.


Gustavo Adolfo Lopera Betancur, ICYE-Colombia