Active Citizens for the Common Good

The aim of this work strand is to show the direct links between active citizenship and the common good. Volonteurope will identify the barriers and enablers to active citizenship, and campaign for a vision of society where everyone has the ability to be active in their communities, countries and the EU.




Latest news

(English) Volonteurope Blog : Oonagh Aitken

(English) Volonteurope Blog : Oonagh Aitken

(English) The month of September has meant big changes for me – as you know, I have stepped down from being CEO of Volunteering Matters. My successor started on 2 September. It has been a bit of an adjustment, but in a good way. Now I have much more time to spend on European and International themes and I hope, continuing to contribute to both Volonteurope and Volunteering Matters.

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