Let’s Learn Differently: non-formal education guide for Teachers, Students, Volunteers and Youth Workers

Imago Mundi Association was part of an interesting educational journey, between 2015 and the end of 2017. As partners of the Let’s Learn Differently project, a strategic partnership funded through the Erasmus+ programme, the Imago Mundi volunteers and youth workers, convened more than forty five workshops on non-formal education, next to dozens more organised by our partners in the project.

Learners and volunteers

Learners and volunteers on the Let’s Learn Differently project


The Let’s Learn Differently project was coordinated by Școala Gimnazială Matei Basarab  from Pitești, România, and had as partners NGOs and schools from Romania, Greece, Spain, and Turkey. Students, teachers and youth workers integrated the principles of non-formal education in the formal educational system, and acquired new methods and skills.


The guide contains agendas of workshops on different topics, with detailed descriptions of methods, objectives and exercises as well as recommendations and advice. The 18 workshops included in the guide, have different topics such as: public speaking, communication, creativity, personal development, time management, etc. At the end of each workshop, links with images from the activities in which the workshops were piloted, are integrated.


The guide can be seen or downloaded freely from isuu, using this link. We hope for this guide to be useful in your non-formal activities in 2018.


Constantin Dedu, Leader of Initiatives and Projects for Youth at Imago Mundi Association and Volonteurope board member[:]