The Life Long Learning Platform organised on  31 May and 1 June 2016, a conference in order to Imagine the Learning Community of Tomorrow.  Educational stakeholders from all around Europe and from across Slovakia gathered in Bratislava for the event.

Between 31 May and 1 June, participants were invited to think about education from various perspectives: from policy to neurology, they were taken back to the core of learning and its meaning for individual emancipation and society as whole. Participants then gathered in workshops, where debates took place on the basis of practical examples. These group discussions were then brought back to the plenary, producing key messages for the attention of decision-makers to orient their policies to answer citizens’ concrete needs: create learning environments that trigger innovative thinking, set up a monitoring system for the full implementation of the Paris Declaration, make digital learning an essential part of learning, and investing in education and teacher training. In collaboration with the Faculty of Architecture of Bratislava, the ideas discussed were given a concrete physical interpretation that aimed both to demonstrate  the necessity of transversal and cross-sectoral approaches, and show participants how educational concepts could be transposed in their communities. These concepts were brought back to practice on day two, which was dedicated to Project Development. Participants were given first-hand information from funding agencies, and the time and floor to discuss future projects together and form new partnerships with the objective of making lifelong learning a reality for all!

Volonteurope was represented at the conference by board member Constantin Deud, who presented the work Volonteurope carries out through its working groups and initiatives at EU level, favouring the recognition of non-formal and informal learning gained through volunteering, and its positive effects on social and civic competences.


By Constantin Dedu, Asociația Imago Mundi and Volonteurope board member