[:en]In 2016 two young leaders, from South Africa (Courtney Gehle) and Sri Lanka (Navodinee Wickramanayake), met at the Global Changemakers Summit in Switzerland. They shared the common belief that the key to change making is empowering the world’s youth. Therefore, they decided to join forces and launch The Better Tomorrow Movement.


The Better Tomorrow Movement (TBTM) is an online youth empowerment platform that operates over many countries and regions with the key focus of empowering young people to be proactive in a socially and/or environmentally conscious manner. Since its inauguration, TBTM has had representation at various international youth gatherings such as the International Student Festival in Trondheim, Norway, EDD Young Leaders for Development hosted by the European Commission in Brussels, Belgium, International Student Week in Belarus and the Global Changemakers Youth Summit in Switzerland this year.


TBTM is powered by the initial funding received from the Global Changemakers organisation via partnerships with the World Economic Forum, the Nike Foundation, and the World Bank. They have also been featured on The Commonwealth Youth Programme’s #YourCommonwealth platform, Pulse.lk and Hi Magazine, Sri Lanka, the country’s leading print magazine publication.


Aside from publishing weekly inspirational and empowering content,
TBTM also offers 3 key online and offline programmes:

  • The Hand Up programme: Focusses entirely on peer-peer mentorship aimed at facilitating long or short term knowledge sharing of best practices from around the world.
  • The Global Ambassador programme: Focusses on building valuable and demonstrable digital and real-world communication skills while promoting TBTM’s programmes and scouting for inspiring interviewees from across the globe.
  • The Good Human Series: A series of offline sessions that explore gaps in teaching curricula and fills them through engaging talks and workshops in areas such as financial literacy, mental health awareness, and sexual health rights to name a few. The first series was successfully launched in Sri Lanka and has also been conducted in one of the country’s leading local schools with the total number of attendees across just 3 sessions reaching well over 200 participants.


As a Lead Global Ambassador (GA) for TBTM my responsibilities include:
recruiting new GAs every term, managing the team, increasing our social media reach, developing strategies to improve on and offline engagement, and reaching out to people who may need TBTM to maximise their potential.


We at TBTM are confident there is a movement of people who are trying to make a positive change in this #world and we are an organisation that is dedicated to growing this movement. The good news is that you can join the movement too! Apply to one of our programmes and also help us share our message by following our journey here:

For collaborations, sponsorship or other please email us at info@thebettertomorrowmovement.com

About the author:
Matteo Mascolo is a member of Volonteurope, a public interest lawyer and a civic entrepreneur. Selected as a Global Shaper by the World Economic forum in 2016, he is also a citizen lobbyist at The Good Lobby and a Global Ambassador for The Better Tomorrow Movement. You can follow him at on twitter at @mfmascolo [:]