During the past 6 years Emfasis Foundation has dedicated its efforts in addressing the immediate needs of people who were severely affected by the financial and humanitarian crisis in Greece. Emfasis has proudly completed 140,000 hours of presence in the streets and neighborhoods of the Greek capital and its surrounding areas building bridges of communication with the socially excluded and “forgotten” in isolation.

As the Festive Christmas season is getting closer, the Emfasis Family of Volunteers will be by the side of those who feel forgotten. For the fifth year in a row, this season will find us volunteering on the streets.
From December 2018 to the end of January 2019, our trained volunteers will participate in intensive campaign shifts offering:
1. survival kits (sleeping bags, gloves, beanies, socks, scarves, clothing)
2. hot drinks and much needed snacks (tea, croissant, cereal bars, cookies)
3. personal hygiene items
4. psychosocial support & guidance including information regarding temporary housing

Families with children below the poverty line, homeless people, vulnerable children and youth, long-term unemployed parents and neglected elderly people at the verge of losing their housing.

This is the only DAILY relief operation in the capital and surrounding areas and we estimate that about 2,000 people will be assisted. During last year’s campaign, with the valuable help of supporters and volunteers, we participated in 38 emergency shifts, provided 2,200 survival kits, delivered 72 baskets to families, completed 38 counseling meetings and 19 references to temporary housing.

Emfasis relies EXCLUSIVELY on private donations to fulfil its vision and motivate socially excluded fellow human, to reintegrate into society and improve their living conditions.