[:en]As part of Erasmus+ funded project Volunteering for the FutureVolunteering Matters invites volunteers who have engaged in volunteering in the global south to discuss their experiences with their peers and to look into possibilities how their experiences might benefit their home communities.

Attending the “What Next?” course will allow volunteers to reflect on their experiences volunteering in the global south, engage in discussions with other returned volunteers on global issues and look into possibilities for effecting positive changes in their own communities. As part of this course volunteers will receive training in setting up their own Action Projects and explore additional volunteering options. The overall aim is to put the experiences and skills acquired in the global south into practice so volunteers can be leaders of positive change in their communities.

Insights into a previously convened “What Next?” course (held in the Czech Republic)  can be found here.

The training training will take place virtually on the 20th of January


If you would like to take part in the training, please contact rosalind.duignan-pearson@volunteeringmatters.org.uk