[:en]Are you interested in the EU Aid Volunteers initiative and are you thinking to become an accredited organisation? These webinars are for you.

Throughout October Alianza por la Solidaridad will organise an online training in the framework of the technical assistance project known as “+ CARE”, of the EU Aid Volunteers Initiative. The training is aimed at EU organisations with experience in the management of international volunteering that wish to gain an insight to the main features of the EUAV Initiative and the certification process for sending organisations. Participants will be trained on the core standards underpinning the Initiative as well as the basic principles of Humanitarian Aid. The training shall include an online course supported by two webinars.

In addition, the +CARE Technical Assistance project will offer the possibility to take part in additional training courses about specific certification standards for those organisations interested in getting certified that need assistance to complete the process.

Alianza por la Solidaridad, together with its partners from five EU countries (GVC, LVIA and ActionAid Italia from Italy, ActionAid from Greece, Imago Mundi from Romania, and Volunteering Matters/Volonteurope from the United Kingdom) is leading the consortium that implements this Technical Assistance project. The partner organisations work together to promote the EUAV Initiative and strengthen the capacities of the sending organisations.

If you  want to know more about EU  AID Volunteers and attend our webinars to explore the possibility to become an accredited organisation, you can register here.

To know more about the + CARE project read here.[:]