[:en]After whittling down all the entries for this year’s new Innovation in Volunteering Awards, we’re pleased to show you videos from the three shortlisted projects below.

  • Solidarity Bread at The Sofia Bread House in Bulgaria. Since 2017 over 400 people (volunteers,refugees, community members etc) have come together to make bread & talk.


  • SAFE (Sexual Awareness for Everyone) project by Volunteering Matters is for women aged 16-35 with learning needs & disabilities in Gwent, Wales. It supports their personal safety & development and though peer support; sexual health awareness.


  • RUTIS, the Portuguese Network of Senior Universities, has over 7000 volunteers across 330 universities. All senior professors volunteer & give 2-3 lectures of their choice a week & many participate in Erasmus projects managed by RUTIS. The project model has been so successful it’s been replicated in countries including South Africa and Brazil.

The winner will be announced next week (27th November) at a special awards reception. They’re all fantastic projects but don’t take our word for it, see for yourself…………………………..


Solidarity Bread