We defend the values of solidarity, social justice, equality and tolerance. We value inclusion and diversity.

Through our work, we actively encourage political decision-makers to protect and improve the interests of citizens and volunteers, thus creating better social justice.

Working with EU institutions, the Council of Europe, other international and national institutions, we promote policies which support, recognise and reward active citizenship and volunteering.

As a learning and member-driven network, we support exchanges of information and good practice. We are guided by our Strategy 2021-2023 and adhere to our Policies.

Acknowledging the immense value of human interaction, we organise, and support meetings of active citizens involved in social action and volunteering.

We always advocate against any form of criminalisation, penalisation, or retaliation of or against acts of solidarity by active citizens and volunteers across the world.

If necessary, we engage in legal means to defend the role of volunteering and active citizenship as means of improving universal social justice.


We are members and partners of a range of civil society and institutional networks


We carry out research and advocacy to influence policy and decision-making processes


We have a proven track record of leading and participating in diverse international projects


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