Portfolio for Volunteering experiences – Based on the ProfilPASS: the new tool to validate skills gained while volunteering, has been published.

While certificates are provided for activities like school work, apprenticeship and professional accomplishments, in which skills and knowledge are documented and assessed, other activities, especially in the field of informal and non-formal learning and voluntary activities often go undocumented. This Portfolio aims to redress this, by supporting volunteers in self-discovery and reflection on the skills gained during the volunteering activities they take part in. The Portfolio is designed to meet the needs of young people between 17 and 30 years old, who have taken part in volunteering and are looking to enter the labour market.

Volunteers, with the support of this tool, will find out more about their skills and competences, becoming aware of their personal strengths and potential areas of improvements.

The portfolio aims to help volunteers to:

  • plan their professional development
  • prepare for (re-) entering professional life
  • prepare for job applications and job interviews
  • make decisions regarding professional and/or personal (re-)orientation
  • plan future learning ventures, i.e. courses, training, volunteering or professional activities

In the third chapter, Portfolio for Volunteering experiences – Based on the ProfilPASS, offers tools to develop objectives and future plans for continuous learning, ongoing volunteering experiences and/or for the next steps on to entering the labour market.

The new tool, developed as part of the ERASMUS+ European Volunteer Inclusion Program EuroVip project, has updated the ProfilPASS and ProfilPASS for Young People developed by the German Institut for Adult Education Leibniz Center for Lifelong Learning (DIE).

Over the course of the last month, our European Project Coordinator, Pieter Baeten and project leader Alice Le Dret have jointly collaborated to put the finishing touches to the  tool that validates the skills gained while volunteering.

We are very grateful to our project partner Wisamar for providing us with the template and the communication team of La Fondation Agir Contre l’Exclusion (FACE) who provided invaluable assistance in developing the final lay-out.

In the coming months we will be training other teams and NGOs in using the Portfolio for Volunteering experiences. More news on this training opportunity will follow. We hope you enjoy reading the document and using it to assess your competences. You can download a copy of the Portfolio for Volunteering experiences – Based on the ProfilPASS here.