PRAKSIS has teamed up with CIVISPlus to defend human rights and support people facing discrimination. Project REACT works by recording instances of discrimination in Greece and providing social and legal support to those subjected to it. REACT has recorded various incidents, occurring mostly in the workplace. Alongside instances of racial discrimination, incidents of gender or age based discrimination are also being reported.

We have provided legal support to immigrants and refugee workers by appealing to the Greek authorities, in cases where immigrant workers were facing wage discrimination and not given access to insurance. Two African workers who faced such discrimination were informed about their rights, and, with support from the REACT team, managed to gain them.

Alongside its work in the context of REACT, PRAKSIS is contributing to the Racist Violence Recording Network by reporting incidents of racist violence and hate crime.


Notes to Editors

PRAKSIS is an independent non-profit nongovernmental organisation (NGO) whose main goal is to combat the social and economic exclusion of vulnerable groups through humanitarian and development programmes, medical interventions, and advocacy. PRAKSIS aims to have a strong social impact, promoting public welfare and making a difference by activating civil society, as well as the public and private sectors. Through its work, PRAKSIS has developed the ability to both detect and respond to the needs of vulnerable groups. Find out more at and