EU Aid Volunteers

The European Commission’s EU Aid Volunteers initiative brings together volunteers and organisations from different countries, providing support to humanitarian aid projects and contributing to strengthen the local capacity and resilience of disaster-affected communities.

Organisations wishing to send or host EU Aid Volunteers must be certified under the initiative, before establishing a consortium to deploy volunteers. This is to ensure that the standards of volunteer management set by the European Commission are met by all participating organisations. 

The EU AID Volunteers programme offers:


Opportunities of volunteering in humanitarian projects worldwide, showing solidarity with vulnerable communities out of the EU.

In presence volunteering: For European citizens or long-term residents in the EU with no limit of age
Online volunteering: For worldwide active citizens

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Capacity Building

Capacity building for local staff and volunteers of aid organisations in countries hit by disasters or crises to foster a more effective and principled humanitarian response.

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Technical Assistance

Technical assistance for organisations, based in Europe and working in the humanitarian sector in third countries, to strengthen their capacities to participate in the EU Aid Volunteers initiative.

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EU Aid Volunteers technical assistance

Humanitarian needs continue to escalate and the pressure on the humanitarian organisations for more qualified people is increasing. As a concrete response to that, the EU Aid Volunteers initiative supports EU based humanitarian organisations trought technical assistance projects which aim at strengthening their technical capacity and meeting the standards and procedures required to deploy EU Aid Volunteers.

Volonteurope has teamed up with Alianza por la Solidaridad, GVC, Action Aid Italia, LVIA, Action Aid Hellas and Imago Mundi to support the implementation of the EU Aid Volunteers initiative, offering technical assistance to organisations wishing to send volunteers under the initiative.

Strengthening the humanitarian aid sector one organisation at a time


organisations reached

Working in partnership for ensuring high standards of volunteering

EU citizens deployed worldwide

people in disaster-affected countries trained

online volunteering opportunities

Technical assistance

Volonteurope has teamed up with Alianza por la Solidaridad, GVC, Action Aid Italia, LVIA, Action Aid Hellas and Imago Mundi to support the implementation of the EU Aid Volunteers initiative. The seven organisations combine expertise in humanitarian aid and volunteer management, and are collaborating on a new two year Technical Assistance project.

This new project – +CARE – kicked off in February 2018, pursuing the aim to: “widen European partnership of humanitarian and volunteering organisations and strengthen their capacities as sending organisations within the EU Aid Volunteers Initiative”.

This will be achieved through these 3 specific objectives:

  1. Reinforce and create focal points to promote the EUAV Initiative and the capacities to obtain the certification among European organisations;
  2. Provide technical assistance to European organisations aiming at becoming certified;
  3. Strengthen European partnerships and organisations’ development for an optimal implementation of deployment and capacity building EUAV projects.

This project will be supported by a number of ongoing activities such as diffusion events in focal point countries, online training and the production of toolkits and guidelines for organisations undergoing the certification process.

You can follow the development of the project by signing up for Volonteurope’s monthly newsletter, additionally you can access all the relevant materials through the buttons in the ‘We offer’ section.


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Webinar: What’s the EU Aid Volunteers Initiative?

This webinar presents an online course about the EU Aid Volunteers Initiative, aimed at organisations of the EU with experience in international volunteering. In this video, the EUAV Initiative is introduced in broad strokes, as well as the opportunities for organisations to benefit from technical assistance for their certification.

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