The goal of the European Volunteer Inclusion Program is to promote the professional integration and employability of young people aged between 17 and 30, through the recognition of their skills developed during volunteering experiences. This European project, founded thorough ERASMUS + is  led by a consortium of five partners from different Member States.

More information on this project can be found on the project website.

What is the EUROVIP project?

Lack of professional experience plays a large role in the difficulties many young people encounter while searching for their first or more stable job.


To help youngsters to overcome this challenge Volunteering Matters seeks, together with an international consortium consisting of partners from Romania, France, Belgium and Germany, to facilitate young job seekers’ access to the labour market by working together in the EuroVIP project.


The primary aim of this project is to recognise the skills and knowledge acquired whilst undertaking volunteering activities in formal, non-formal and informal environments. Additionally, the capacities of organisations and companies welcoming volunteers will be strengthened to allow for a better recognition of the skills and knowledge gained whilst volunteering.


Together with employers and civil society organisations that support volunteers, suitable tools for the recognition of these activities are being developed. Currently, the consortium is in the process of adapting the existing ProfilPASS to enable it to better represent the experiences of young volunteers.


At later stages in the project, a handbook on Volunteering for companies and a European best practices handbook in supporting young volunteers to sustainable employment will be published as well.


During workshops in the five participating countries the tools will be presented to organisations and companies employing volunteers. Based on the results of these workshops a large scale dissemination of the project results to all EU countries will take place.

Project Objectives

1. Improve recognition of volunteers’ skills and knowledge acquired during their voluntary activities. Supporting volunteers in validating the skills and knowledge acquired in formal, informal and non-formal environments and to support them in recognising how to transfer these into the job market.

3. To promote, to the private sector, the value of undertaking voluntary activities and the skills and knowledge acquired by volunteers. Encouraging employers to recognise these transferable skills and how they would benefit the private sector. With a particular focus on gaining their first/stable employment for volunteers.


2. To strengthen the capacity of organisations working with volunteers by developing a tool that enables organisations to support volunteers in identifying their formal, informal and non-formal knowledge and skills acquired during their voluntary activities.

4. To create working synergies in the promotion of voluntary activities in Europe and the recognition of competences acquired by young volunteers at the European Union level.


The project is made possible due to the financial support provided  by the ERASMUS+ Youth Programme of the European Union and is implemented by 5 partner organisations:

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