[:en]October is Refugee Month in Bulgaria. Various events are organised during the whole month that are open for anyone wanting to learn more about the refugees living in Bulgaria and their cultures, as well as to support new social innovations for their integration.


In the frame of the Refugee Month, Tulip Foundation organised a Talk with Me evening on 18 October at A Hub, among the moving pictures from projects of The World Bank, Caritas Sofia, Beautiful Faces Of Syria and the Council of Refugee Women in Bulgaria. The event was set up to publically present certificates to the participants in the project of the same name that was funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the EU. Our partners from Gemeinsam leben & lernen in Europa from Passau in Germany and Centrul de Voluntariat Cluj-Napoca in Romania were with us in Sofia for this occasion. The project is aimed at development and adaptation of an innovative programme for young volunteers in support for young and children refugees to help them to learn the language of the country where they have decided to stay. The aim is to create opportunities for speaking and sharing, as the language serves as a basis for communication, thinking, acquisition and passing on knowledge and information. Refugees often lack opportunities to practise the new language.


During the whole summer young Bulgarians volunteers acted as language mentors for young refugees to help them to learn the Bulgarian language. Furthermore, they helped them learn more about the culture and traditions in Bulgaria, and everyday life in Sofia through a series of informal meeting and talks on various topics. The topics were prepared in advance by the volunteers themselves.


It was an emotional meeting for everyone. Mira Georgieva of Tulip Foundation, whom everyone knew well, briefly explained the project and about the meetings and relationships between the volunteers and the refugees. Many of them spoke about their impressions and emotions. Vladimir Kissiov, Chair of the Board of Tulip Foundation and Honourable citizen of Sofia, presented certificates to the volunteers and the refugees from the programme. Guests, friends and colleagues were present as well.


The Refugee Month is organised by European Commission in Bulgaria, A Hub, Caritas Sofia , Bulgarian Red Cross, IOM Bulgaria, Council of Refugee Women in Bulgaria, Beautiful Faces Of Syria, CVS-Bulgaria, HITL: Human in the Loop Services Provided by Refugees.


The Refugee Month is organised by:
Европейската комисия в България / European Commission in Bulgaria
A hub
Caritas Sofia
Bulgarian Red Cross
IOM Bulgaria
Council of Refugee Women in Bulgaria
Beautiful Faces Of Syria
HITL: Human in the Loop Services Provided by Refugees


By Maria Petkova, Tulip Foundation and Volonteurope Board Member[:]