If someone told you the government was going to restrict your access to the internet you might think they were joking (unless you live in China).

So how is it that Britain could soon be about to restrict your right to free movement?

That could be what happens if the UK votes to leave the EU on Thursday, 23 June.

Are you a British citizen or a Commonwealth citizen resident in the UK? Are you Irish, Cypriot or Maltese?

Are you in favour of free movement?

Then register to vote in the referendum and vote for Britain to remain in the EU.

You can register to vote at your local council until 7 June.

If you are not eligible to vote – because you are a mobile EU citizen or a British expat who has lived abroad for more than 15 years – then why not volunteer for one of the organisations that are campaigning for Britain to stay IN?

You could volunteer for StrongerIn, the government’s campaign for Britain to stay in Europe, or for one of the many campaigns under the umbrella of the European Movement such as Scientists for Europe, or Environmentalists for Europe.

Or you could campaign with New Europeans who have teamed up with the Young European Movement to focus on mobilising the votes of young people.

If you can’t find an organisation you like, start your own!

The important thing is that all of us who care about free movement go out and campaign for Britain to stay in the EU whether we are able to vote or not.

There is much that needs improving in the EU. But, important as it is to make the EU more democratic, we are not going to achieve that if Britain leaves the EU.

The choice on 23 June is between the EU and no EU. It is not a choice between the EU that we have and the EU of our dreams.

If Britain leaves the EU, we will lose much more than our right to free movement.

We will lose the protection that the EU gives to people young and old in the workplace. The right to equal treatment for men and women, the right to equal treatment of part-time and full-time workers, to paid leave, parental leave, to the protection embodied in health and safety legislation, to a maximum working week.

And we risk losing the opportunities that Europe offers young people, not just to travel but to expand their personal and career horizons.

Many in this generation will not achieve the lifestyle enjoyed by their parents. You may feel you are already living in the room marked “lost opportunities”.

By voting for Brexit, the older generation are about to lock that room and throw away the key. With it will go the career plans of many young people, and the hopes and aspirations of a new generation.

That’s why it matters so much that we all do what we can to keep Britain in Europe.


Roger Casale is the founder and CEO of New Europeans, an organisation dedicated to empowering the European citizens of today and the new Europeans of tomorrow.

New Europeans will be delighted to hear from any EU citizen keen to volunteer in the European Referendum Campaign. Please sign up or send a message at http://www.neweuropeans.net.