Social Inclusion Seminars
European Commission Representation in Romania
4 July 2017, 09:30-16:00


Volonteurope, in collaboration with our Romanian members Chance for Life and Imago Mundi, is holding a Social Inclusion Seminar in Bucharest on 4 July. The seminar day will address a number of themes currently pertinent to both the continuation of the European Union, and to its member states. It will consist of a day of seminars and discussions, which will engage civil society actors and organisations as well as young people already taking part in volunteering in Romania, aiming especially to help inform young people who are keen to become volunteers but haven’t yet taken the step.
The seminars convened on 4 July will cover four interlinked topics, namely:
1. Challenging Euroscepticism and fostering informed debate
2. Solidarity in times of crisis
3. Combatting stigmatisation of “migrants” and building counter narratives to foster intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding
4. Debate on the future of Europe


We will convene morning and afternoon seminars, both followed by discussions, in which the above topics will be debated. Particular consideration will be given to the Romanian context on point 3; to that end we will be engaging young people from disadvantaged and marginalised communities in Romania, such as Roma people, migrants and persons with disabilities. The concurrent focus on solidarity in times of crisis will be linked with combatting stigmatisation, especially promoting tolerance and respect of common values, and how this can foster inclusivity and European solidarity across countries and cultures.


Reflecting the fact that the four themes are all interwoven and in no way discrete from one another, the seminars will combine discussions ranging across the themes. Addressing the future of Europe and challenging Euroscepticism will be an intrinsic part of the seminars, and these topics will be reflected upon and contextualised through discussions around the other topics. The express aim of the event is to foster greater European solidarity, and to interrogate the reasons behind rising populism and Euroscepticism. Thus, it will be provide a forum for dialogue, and a space in which the young and the disenfranchised feel able take part in debate and voice the opinions important to them.


The day will close with a panel, in which the themes and discussions prompted during the seminars will be addressed and interrogated. This will be an opportunity for questions and debate, linking the day’s themes with wider discussions on solidarity in times of crisis and the future of Europe.



To confirm your participation, please RSVP to office@chanceforlife.ro