[:en]As part of their implementation of the European Solidarity Corps (ESC) Volunteering Partnerships Project, Volunteering Matters (a national UK member of Volonteurope, which is a member of Social Platform), together with ProjectScotland, organised an Advance Planning Visit in the framework of ESC in Dundee in Scotland (8-11 December 2019).

The group of 11 participants represented a range of national volunteer-engaging organisations from Spain (Alianza por la Solidaridad), France (CEMEA and Solidarites Jeunesses) and from across the UK (ProjectScotland, Volunteering Matters, Ether Relief and Achieve More Scotland).

This ESC project focuses on a wide range of volunteering placements for young Europeans to immerse themselves in community-embedded projects, all of which have solidarity and social inclusion as their running themes.

There is therefore a strong link with the ideas behind Social Platform’s “Made in Social Europe” travelling exhibition, which has been going around localities in Europe: the projects showcased in “Made in Social Europe” are community embedded and are excellent examples of working locally, regionally and nationally to achieve more genuine social justice in Europe. Therefore this exhibition was included in the meeting to disseminate best practices in solidarity in Dundee.

Back in November, coinciding with the EU Aid Volunteers dissemination seminar organised by Volonteurope together with our new Irish partner Viatores Christi, we also took the “Made in Social Europe” exhibition to Dublin, to showcase the excellent case studies of solidarity and social justice, to our colleagues and partners in the Irish capital.