The Citizen Service Network in Brussels: European Solidarity Corps Volunteers



“When I joined the Citizen Service Network in Brussels as a European Solidarity Corps volunteer last October, I couldn’t imagine being confronted with such an extreme situation requiring a maximum of lived solidarity every day. My role is to assist the European Projects manager, which includes communicating and networking with our European partner organisations and the European volunteers we welcome to Belgium; informing young Belgians about European volunteering opportunitie and supporting training sessions about Europe for young volunteers in Belgium. I felt that maintaining some normality and continuing my mission via smart working was the best way of showing solidarity towards my colleagues and flatmate. Travelling home to Italy would have meant crossing paths with other travellers and being home with my parents of a certain age also seemed unwise. Likewise, I immensely appreciate that the Network allowed me to continue, thereby expressing their solidarity towards me.”



“My name is Mathilde, I’m from France and a European Solidarity Corps volunteer at the Citizen Service Network in Brussels. I support the unit that assures the supervision and training of the young people who do their citizen service in Belgium. I’ve decided to stay in Brussels because I’m happy here, but also because I think I can make more of a difference here. If I’d have left, I couldn’t have carried on supporting the Network and I would have had to give up my projects. This way, I can also stay independent; I would have found it hard move back to my parents’ at 25 years old. I can do my work from home, I’ve got all I need, and my office desktop will even be delivered to my flat. I think the fact that the Network allows me to stay also shows their solidarity towards me as a volunteer.”

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