[:en]Blog by Volonteurope Secretary General Piotr Sadowski

It is an undisputable fact that volunteers of all ages acquire invaluable soft and hard skills through their volunteering activities. Such skills, particularly in the case of younger volunteers, are very transferable to the world of work and would it not be great if all employers were able to appreciate fully that a candidate’s volunteering experience could have been valuable and thereby equipped that young person with skills that they can effectively put to use in a work place? And what is the best way to equip volunteers themselves to be able to communicate the skills they acquired through volunteering to their prospective employers?

Well, the JOB BRIDGE FOR VOLUNTEERS Erasmus+ project is all about this. It aims to develop the capacity of adult education providers and beyond, including employers, as well as all organisations dealing with volunteers, to validate the competences of their volunteers. Led by BUPNET in Germany and including Volunteering Matters, Volonteurope’s UK member, as a partner organisation, as well as the Lifelong Learning Platform (of which Volonteurope is a member), amongst others, this Strategic Partnership is now entering its second year.

Throughout 2019 the partners met both directly (most recently at a project meeting in Rome in the beginning of October) and cooperated online, in this exciting initiative which will result in a much better assessment of competences and skills that young people acquire through volunteering.

In February 2020, the Job Bridge partners will provide a three-day European training course in Göttingen, Germany. It will addresses representatives from volunteering organisations and adult education organisations welcoming volunteers and will enable them to implement competence-oriented approaches with volunteers, and validate competences acquired in the voluntary activities. After the training course, the participants will implement a learning project aimed to transfer and apply in practice the approach.

We’ll keep you updated but please also keep an eye on the project website (https://job-bridge.eu/)[:]