[:en]Members and associates came together to discuss the future priorities of Volonteurope and heard about three different projects involving network members.

After overwhelmingly voting to approve Piotr Sadowski as Secretary General, the attendees reappointed Andreas Schrank, Gemeinsam leben und lernen in Europa (Germany), Maria Petkova, Tulip Foundation (Bulgaria) and Marcos Ramirez, Alianza por la Solidaridad (Spain) to the board and approved Volonteurope’s new constitution following a move to Belgium headquarters.

President Oonagh Aitken led discussions around what members wanted from the network in the future, as many spoke about what they value most about Volonteurope, from the diversity of member organisations to the fantastic networking and partnership opportunities.

Members from Volunteering Matters (Cara Battrick) and ProjectScotland (Kim Maxwell and Lisa Laidlaw) then spoke about their European Solidarity Corps: Volunteering Partnerships project offering one, three- and six-month volunteer placements for young people in their own communities across the UK.

Jacqueline Kremer presented ‘Your Biography’ a project by Humanitas, The Netherlands, which sees volunteers create a magazine showcasing a person’s life through their family, likes/dislikes etc. This has been successful in helping people including those with dementia in care settings.

Silvia de Benito from Alianza por la Solidaridad, then spoke about the EU Aid Volunteers Technical Assistance +CARE project which offers volunteering placements alongside capacity building to assist organisations in areas hit by disaster or crises and technical assistance to organisations wanting to get involved with the project.