[:en]Volonteurope’s President and Secretary General joined with partners on the EU Aid Volunteers initiative to discuss successes and plan activities for the coming months.

President Oonagh Aitken and Secretary General Piotr Sadowski joined colleagues from Alianza por la Solidaridad, We World GVC, Action Aid Hellas, Action Aid Italia and Asociatia Imago Mundi in Brussels for a two day meeting and workshop.

With the aim of sharing skills and knowledge between the partners, day one saw discussions on the EU Commission funded initiative which offers; volunteering opportunities in humanitarian projects worldwide; capacity building for aid organisations working in disaster hit countries; and technical assistance for EU organisations working in the humanitarian sector.

On the second day, partners joined sessions focusing on safeguarding for children and vulnerable adults in the humanitarian field.

Piotr Sadowski, said:

“It was fantastic to catch up with our partners in person and hear how the different strands of the initiative have been going.


“Drawn from countries all across the EU, it’s clear the amount of volunteers and organisations who have already benefitted from this initiative and there’s still more activities planned over the coming months.


“Within Volonteurope we are organising a conference in Ireland and supporting Volonteurope member and fellow partner Imago Mundi in their event in Cluj, Romania.


“We hope these focal point events will promote EU Aid Volunteers and encourage NGO’s to pursue the path of accreditation within the initiative thereby enabling them to send volunteers oversees.”

To find out more about Volonteurope’s work with the EU Aid Volunteer initiative click here or visit the European Commission page here.[:]