Volonteurope members: Social Platform needs your help!


In June, Social Platform (of which Volonteurope/Volunteering Matters is a member) launched their Your Vision for Europe survey.

According to Social Platform:

“This survey aims to find out how the local, regional and national NGOs working in the social field view the European Union, what in their view works and what needs improvement/change, what are their priorities when it comes to the EU agenda, and what are their key demands to the candidates to the next European Parliament.

The survey also looks at the obstacles their constituencies face when it comes to the European parliament elections and what could improve/encourage their participation in the European elections. The survey is already available in all EU languages.

We hope the results of the survey will be a useful tool for shaping your individual and Social Platform European elections 2019 campaigns.”


If you are a Volonteurope member, Social Platform want to hear from you!


In May 2019, we all are going to elect a new European Parliament. Social Platform want to make sure that the voices of civil society organisations working in the social field across the European Union are heard by the people who will represent them, and who will be making laws and policies affecting all people across the EU for the next 5 years. This survey will let Social Platform know what kind of Europe respondents want to live in, and as a result they will be able to focus their voice on what matters to European civil society during the elections in 2019. Don’t let your voice go unheard!


The survey will remain open until 30 August 2018, click HERE to go to Social Platform’s page