The five partner organisations of VoluMe (Voluntary Mentoring and Partnership Projects as an Effective Pathway for Learning) held their fourth meeting on 6-8 October 2014 in Prešov, Slovakia. The meeting was hosted by the partnership’s Slovakian member Rada mládeže Prešovského kraja.

The objective of the visit was to discuss the long-term sustainability of mentoring projects in Europe. The organisations visited local projects, including a community centre in a Roma village.

The VoluMe project is aimed at disseminating best practices and knowledge about planning, implementing and maintaining voluntary mentoring projects that contribute to learning. The visit to Slovakia followed meetings in Germany, the Czech Republic and Lithuania. In 2015, the partner organisations will publish European guidelines on running mentoring projects. These will be available to civil society and any interested actors through a website.

The organisations involved in this partnership are CSV (UK), Gemeinsam leben & lernen in Europa (Germany), HESTIA (Czech Republic), Paramos vaikams centras (Lithuania) and Rada mládeže Prešovského kraja (Slovakia). CSV, GLL and HESTIA are members of Volonteurope.

The funding for VoluMe comes from the ERASMUS+ EU Programme for Lifelong Learning.