[:en]Volunteering Matters, our UK member, organised the third and final complementary event in the framework of the Strategic EVS Project, “Young People for Europe of Inclusion, Solidarity and Social Justice”, a major youth cross-border volunteering programme which Volunteering Matters has been delivering since February 2018.

The event in Brussels on 27 November was preceded, the evening before, with a “Volunteers’ Voices” reception, giving a platform to young Europeans to share their experiences, learning and ambitions from time spent volunteering in communities across the UK.

During the seminar, which was hosted by the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), attendees provided evidence and arguments for why European youth inclusion and mobility projects are vital for sustaining European values of solidarity, respect, tolerance, inclusion and social justice, and why they must continue, and be robustly supported in the new multi-annual Financial Framework.

With input from Volonteurope’s partner civil society networks and organisations in Brussels, the Netherlands and the UK, as well as from Ecorys National Agency in the UK and the EESC, the event showed how important it is to give young Europeans, who benefit from mobility programmes and contribute so much in terms of positive change in their host communities when volunteering, the primary voice on the European dissemination scene.